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Benefits of Limewash On Trees

Golden hour limewash ❤️‍🔥

Benefits of Limewash on trees:

The limewash is a very necessary part of the process. We call it “liquid fire” it essentially acts as a protective coat to the trunk that is very alkalizing and high in calcium. It prevents insects, mosses and lichens from colonizing the tree bark and reduces further cracking/splitting in the tissue.

The bark of Coast Live Oaks should be smooth, but because of the Calcium and nutrient deficiency with no fire or additional nutrients, the bark splits and creates openings. This allows pathogens (bacteria, fungus, SOD, insects) to enter into these cracks causing cankers and infections.

The limewash essentially keeps the bark closed, provides calcium to the areas that are already starting to crack and prevents further deterioration of the bark. It also acts a protection coating to sun & frost.

Trees located in #awaswas territory

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