Tree Care Consultation 

Analysis & Diagnosis of tree health, with customized care options

We perform treatments for all tree species, from backyards to large acreage properties. 

Consultation $150

Consultation plans are able to be customized based on the level of tending required or preferred. With the baseline consultation, we provide a detailed description of our fire mimicry techniques and write up a bid for the job. We begin with an analysis of tree health, diagnose infections and provide information about the treatments with our baseline protocol. 

Which includes:

-Alkalizing mineral and nutrient application

-Our personally crafted, small batch & nutrient dense compost tea made with locally sourced ingredients 

-Lichen & Moss removal

-Tree bark/trunk protection with limewash


Additional consultation services

-Ecological and plant community designs

-Soil analysis and remediation

-Surgical removal of infections in the tree

-Compost and mulch additions

-Fungal network support

-Fire mimicry that utilizes beneficial clearing and pruning.