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Tree Care Consultation 

Analysis & Diagnosis of tree health, with customized care options

We perform treatments for all tree species, from backyards to large acreage properties. 


Consultation $200

Our consultation fee is $200 which includes a full written health analysis of your Oaks and approximate age/tending history of the trees. 

We walk with you and inspect each tree thoroughly. The analysis includes a species list of the trees, identification of various infections and recommendations of treatments based on health indicated by (bark structure, canopy thickness, presence of infection, soil health etc.) 

Our soil treatment includes applying alkalizing, calcium & nutrient rich minerals to the soil beneath the canopy of the Oak, mimicking the effect that low intensity fire would have on an ecosystem. Oak trees require Calcium and minerals for their bark structure and canopy fullness, immune strength and overall health. Without fire or food their health declines. We water in the minerals, then apply a compost tea that we make ourselves, providing beneficial microbes, nutrients, mycorrhizae and organic matter to the soil body. Finally, we apply a calcium rich limewash to the trunk to keep the bark tissue from cracking, deter insects, reduce pathogens and help support the healing of the tree’s external tissue. 

If there are infections such as Sudden Oak Death, Bacterial Wetwood, Armillaria fungus, insect damage, etc. we can perform a surgical removal of the infection. 

The consultation covers the written analysis with a quote for treatments and surgeries if required. 


Elemental Treatment

$200 per Fire Mimicry Treatment: Minerals, Compost, Fire, Limewash

Nutrient & Mineral Application:

Amending soil with Organic, alkalizing, immune boosting, bio- available minerals and nutrients is essential for tree health. We apply a combination of minerals and compost to replenish depleted soil and enhance microbial and mycorrhizal communities.

We blowtorch cracks, old limb cuts, early disease and fungus, utilizing fire as a healing element. We mimic fire on the trunk with a Limewash application to alkalize, restore and protect tree bark.

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