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About the Network

We are passionate about the remembrance of the intricate relationship of humans and landscapes. Honoring the deep knowledge and management practices of Indigenous stewardship on unceded California land, we strive to maintain the legacy effects of 10,000+ years of beneficial fire and ecological interaction. 
Siena King & Sprout Weinberger are the founders of Elemental Tree Network, carrying on the research and techniques of our various teachers from around California. 
Sprout Weinberger earned a B.S. from UC Davis in Environmental Science & Management with a focus on Soils & Bio-Geochemistry. She has worked on Organic Farms at Cabrillo College, UC Davis & Mt Madonna over the past 4 years and has experience in permaculture designing on large properties. 
Siena King has been an independent ecologist, and raw food health consultant for over a decade. For the past five years she has been a caretaker/land manager on a 50 acre private property. 
We are experienced in Cultural Burning, tree & brush clearing, fire mimicry, native plant garden designs, organic agriculture & animal farming, and ecological research.

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