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About the Network

Our approach is with the intention of inspiring a deeper connection between humans and landscapes. Honoring the traditional ecological knowledge and stewardship practices of Indigenous Nations on unceded California land, we strive to conserve the legacy effects of 10,000+ years of beneficial fire and ecological interaction. 


Siena King & Sprout Weinberger are the founders of Elemental Tree Network, a queer women owned business. 

Sprout, an ISA certified Arborist, earned a B.S. from UC Davis in Environmental Science & Management with a focus on Soils & Bio-Geochemistry. She has worked on Organic Farms at Cabrillo College, UC Davis & Mt Madonna, with a background in ecology and love for the soil food web. 

Siena has worked with local farms and managed large acreage properties across the county for over a decade. Her passion for holistic health and ecology has informed the creative and organic principles that Elemental Tree Network is based on. 

We are experienced in Cultural Burning, tree & brush clearing, fire mimicry, native plant garden designs, organic agriculture & animal farming, and ecological research.

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