Insect Damage Surgery

Insect damage surgery See full process of our surgery steps! 1. Reveal of decayed & eaten tissue that is darkened & infected from insects & worms eating through the tree 2. Hatcheting reveals red (healthy) tissue and shows perimeter of surgical section 3. Multi-tooled finished surgery with all infection removed 4. Fully cauterized tissue: the fire stimulates healing of the tree after it has been opened 5. Limewash poultice to provide calcium to the healing area and keep the t

Benefits of Limewash On Trees

Golden hour limewash ❤️‍🔥 Benefits of Limewash on trees: The limewash is a very necessary part of the process. We call it “liquid fire” it essentially acts as a protective coat to the trunk that is very alkalizing and high in calcium. It prevents insects, mosses and lichens from colonizing the tree bark and reduces further cracking/splitting in the tissue. The bark of Coast Live Oaks should be smooth, but because of the Calcium and nutrient deficiency with no fire or additio