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Repost from @indigenousrising

Today we must recognize that Thankstaking was designed to hide the ongoing genocide of Indigenous people, even in the present day. Indigenous lands and bodies have been brutalized and exploited for greed for the past 500 years. Over 1000 people face charges for standing for Anishinaabe land and water fighting Enbridge's Line 3 in so-called Minnesota. Drilling is happening under the sacred waters of Arctic and Gulf communities despite severe flooding.

Tribal lands along the West Coast are devastated after wildfires that could’ve been prevented by listening to Indigenous knowledge. Just days ago, TC Energy supported by the Canadian government raided unceded Wet’suwet’en territory with assault rifles to push the Coastal GasLink pipeline through their land without consent breaking Wet’suwet’en and Canada's own laws.

We will continue to stand and speak our truth-- we fight because we know another world is possible.

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