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Elemental Tree Network Philosophy

Without low intensity beneficial fire & Traditional Ecological Stewardship by Indigenous people, the health of Oaks and native tree species is rapidly declining. Sudden Oak Death, pathogens, insect colonization, nutrient deficiency, drought, damaged mycorrhizal networks and weakened soil systems are all contributing to the epidemic of dying trees. (+ clear cutting old growth forests, pipelines spilling on sacred land, distractions and insanity polluting our biosphere and the myriad of other factors of colonization that have diverted humanity’s attention away from stewardship).

The guiding question is;

~”What would fire do?”

•• Create savanna conditions where the brush is cleared, the trees have plenty of space, there is abundant nutrients volatilized by fire, pathogens/mosses/lichens/insects are burned before they can colonize tree tissue. The water table is replenished with low intensity burning, the air quality is improved and rain is promoted from clean smoke. Food, space, nutrients, protection from pathogens and balanced ecosystems are all promoted by fire.

The protocol involves clearing brush, and feeding the tree by applying volcanic and calcium rich minerals to the soil beneath the canopy, then spraying a compost tea (full of microbes, mycorrhizae and nutrients). We lime-wash the trunk to keep the bark protected, and surgically remove stem cankers/ infections (sudden oak death, wetwood, insects and other pathogens) from tree tissue.

Indigenous people have perfected the stewardship of native ecosystems to a level of harmony that is nearly unimaginable in our present colonized society. Through the use of fire, selective harvesting, tree pollarding, terracing and ingenious ecological management, California was a thriving, abundant & diverse garden.

This is why, Land Back is vital to life on Earth. We must honor & support the traditions of native ecosystems and Indigenous Nations, in order to see any recovery in our rapidly declining biosphere.

Our practices of fire mimicry are the intermediary step to bring traditional & Cultural burning back to the land.

The vision is to have these fire mimicry practices active in every region of California, and eventually the country. By educating people with trees/property, we can actively create a network of people who are engaged and tending the land. There are multiple Tribal Nations in California who are bringing Cultural/controlled burning back to landscapes. We intend to connect property owners with Indigenous Fire stewards so landscapes can burn back to health.

Our job is essentially to prepare land and trees to have fire brought back.

Get in touch to learn, collaborate, spread the word & work with us!

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