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Are You Feeding Your Oak Trees?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

All tree species require vital macro & micro nutrients for their growth, resistance to disease, optimal health and longevity. Tending and nutrient application is a necessity at all stages of tree development. Traditionally, Indigenous people of California utilized low intensity fire and calcium rich soil additions to maintain the balance of Oak ecosystems.

Our team provides Organic, bio-available soil amendments that are alkalizing and immune boosting for Oaks and all tree species. In addition to soil nutrients, a limewash is applied to the trunk of the tree to provide calcium, and protect the internal tissue from pathogens including fungi, mosses/lichens, insects & other disease causing organisms.

From preventative maintenance to life saving treatments; Elemental Tree Network utilizes a scientifically informed, holistic protocol, to ensure the health and recovery of Oak trees. Infections including Sudden Oak Death, Armillaria fungi, insect colonization, wet wood and many others that are plaguing the California Oak population can be surgically removed, and treated with our fire mimicry protocol.

Signs & Causes of Disease/declining health in Oak Trees

Bark cracking/splitting often with

red (living tissue) exposed

Calcium & mineral deficiency, acidification of soil

Sparse leaves, thinning canopy

Low nutrients, stressed root system

Moss and lichen colonization on bark

Results in acidification and breakdown of bark which allows pathogens to enter the tree’s living tissue

Bleeding canker/wound

Sign of Pathogenic infection that needs to be surgically removed

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