Good Fire On The Land At Indian Canyon!

Good fire on the land at Indian Canyon! “Our meadow restoration practices [with fire] have proven that we don’t need to reintroduce species, because what belongs there is there and or will be brought back there by the habitat while traveling through the meadow. All the plants that belong there will flourish when the water returns and the openness returns and the sunlight returns and they are no longer competing for space and moisture or light.“ -Ron Goode, North Fork Mono Tri

Tending The Land With Fire At Indian Canyon

Tending the land with Fire at Indian Canyon ~ Mutsun Ohlone Territory. 🔥 Deep thanks to @coyotewoman/@kanyonkonsulting for welcoming us to this sacred land! #honornativeland #fire #culturalburning #controlledburning #controlburn #pileburn #fireback #landback #tending #firetending #freefire #stewardship #tendingthewild #firelover #firelife #burnbabyburn #burn #indiancanyon

Fire Tended Ancestor Oak in Ramaytush Territory

This Coast Live Oak is approx. 500 years old. The hollow center is an intentionally burned silo that can be used for acorn/food storage. Indigenous people intentionally burn Oaks to stimulate growth, good development of acorns, resistance to disease/insects and to maintain the overall health of the tree. These Ancestor Trees are the living memories of harmonious traditional Indigenous stewardship. The majority of trees that show hollow centers with fire scars are intentionall