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We tend & support the health of trees, guided by the legacy of traditional ecological knowledge. Our techniques are based off of years of tree health research and inspired by the stewardship of indigenous people worldwide. Based in Santa Cruz, CA on unceded territory of the Awaswas-speaking Uypi Tribe. We serve the greater Bay Area and beyond. 

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Stewardship Practices

What would fire do?

Nutrient & Mineral Application 

Fire is a primary element of ecological balance and has been utilized by indigenous people as traditional stewardship for thousands of years. Without the necessary influence of fire and consistent tending, we are currently seeing a major decline in the health of ecosystems. This is evident and identifiable in trees as cracking bark, thinning of canopies, dying limbs and tops, open wounds in the tissue of the trees and colonization of the bark by mosses, lichens and insects. By applying minerals and specific nutrients to the soil surrounding the roots, and a mineral solution to the trunk, we are able to supply the trees with the necessary amendments that are fundamental to their development & survival. 


Brush Clearing, Pruning & Thinning 

With over 150 years of fire suppression, we are now facing tremendous overgrowth in forests. This not only threatens homes and infrastructure, but also leads to canopy fires and the loss of old growth trees. When there are shrubs, saplings, suckers and brush surrounding established trees, there is a competition for nutrients that leads to soil depletion. We mimic the landscaping that a beneficial low intensity fire would create by pruning branches up to 8 ft, clearing competitive brush and saplings, and thinning overgrown areas. Without this preemptive clearing, brush and overgrowth cause ecological imbalance and fuel the catastrophic fires that are now happening annually in California. 

Surgical Removal of Infections

With nutrient deficiencies, ecological imbalance and lack of low intensity fire, the immune systems of trees are heavily stressed. This allows for pathogens including fungi, pests, parasites and other stem canker diseases to colonize tree tissue. We perform surgeries on Oak trees and other deciduous trees to remove infections and promote regeneration of tissue. 

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