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ISA Certified Arborist (WE-14756A) 
Sprout Weinberger

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The Network

Elemental Tree Network is a women owned, small business specializing in Tree Health Care. Based in Santa Cruz, CA we serve the greater Bay Area and beyond. We offer assessment, diagnosis, management plans and treatments for all tree species from large properties to backyards. Heritage Oaks, Orchards, Native California species and ornamental trees or shrubs… If you love it, we’ll tend it!

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Tree Health Care Services


Consulting & Site Assessments

Tree analysis and diagnosis of disorders is a systematic process, taking into account site conditions, soil type, species diversity, foliage thickness/color, trunk and branch condition, as well as the absorbing roots and root collar health. We perform detailed site assessments to provide clients with an in depth inventory of the health, structure and potential risks associated with the trees of interest.

We offer 1-2 hour on site consultations in which we walk through the landscape with our clients, and assess the health of priority trees and overall ecology of the site. Our course of action is the appropriate response process, in which we gather information, assess the severity of the stressor, determine client expectations, formulate options and decide on the best management methods to support the health and longevity of your trees.


Tree Nutrition & Fertilization

Nutrients are essential elements that are involved in tree metabolism and plant processes that are necessary for health and longevity. Trees that are growing in forests typically have a higher level of these nutrients present from weathering, nutrient cycling, decomposition of organic matter and atmospheric deposition. However, residential landscape trees often grow in altered, compacted & depleted soils that do not contain sufficient amounts of essential elements. Landscape maintenance practices including raking leaves and removing organic matter will disrupt the nutrient cycling that trees depend on and deplete topsoil over time. Fertilizing a tree can increase growth, improve flowering and fruiting, help to slow the decline in health and improve the response to disease. Following soil testing or foliar analysis, we perform prescriptive soil treatments and tree fertilization with Organic (OMRI) certified amendments to provide the essential macro and micronutrients that are necessary for overall tree vitality


Licensed Arborist Advising

Our priority is the conservation and preservation of trees. We offer advising and official reports from our Certified Arborist to provide clients with the most up to date industry standards for tree health care. ​

  • Water Management 

  • Pruning Oversight 

  • Tree Risk Assessment

  • Tree Selection and Installation

  • Integrated Pest Management

  • Construction Tree Protection Plans 

  • Planting and Garden Plans for ideal species diversity 


Diagnosis & Tree Disorder Treatments

We diagnose tree disorders caused by biotic or abiotic agents. It is essential to work together with our clients to accurately identify and mitigate tree stressors that predispose a tree to additional problems. Compounded effects of chronic stress such as nutrient deficiency, soil compaction, pH imbalance, drought stress, ecological depletion, human interference, construction and long term weather changes results in the disruption of natural growth and defense functions in affected trees. Stress increases the susceptibility to biotic pests including fungi, parasites and pathogens that further contribute to the deterioration of health. We implement an organic, chemical free method of disease mitigation and treatment for various tree diseases including Sudden Oak Death (Phytophthora ramorum) 

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